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How To Choose The Right Necktie...

Wearing neckties are required at certain occasions - formal events, business or corporate wear, and of course, during job interviews. But with so many neckties you can choose from, how do you know which one to wear?

Ties come in different colors and designs. Wearing them reflect your taste in fashion, your style, and even personality. But it's not so much about your interest that comes first. It's about doing it right. Here are several things you should consider when choosing the right necktie:

Silk or satin are the best materials for neckties and are also the most popular. Choose 100% silk fabric, preferably woven silk, which is thicker. Though there are cheaper alternatives, silk is almost always preferred. And why not? They're lightweight and durable materials. Silk neckties certainly look good hanging from your collar. Not only does silk give a perfect shine to your outfit, they also hold shape and drape well. Length Little do many know that a necktie's length should also be given attention.  

Maybe because we are used to see the standard length all the time that we thought all ties are the same. The logic is simple: tall people should also wear longer neckties, as shorter people should wear shorter neckties. It's all about proportions. Your tie would be stretching at the center of your shirt - ideally, starting from your collar to the tie's tip touching your belt buckle.  

When you're wearing neckties, you're actually adding up to your total outfit an extra color too. It should compliment your outfits color scheme/theme. The general rule is that your necktie should go well with what you're wearing - your shirt. White shirts are the best blank canvasses for neckties. They are also the easiest and safest choice for pairing with ties, because they make it easier for most ties to standout. Besides white shirts, plain colored shirts are common too. When matching colors of ties and shirts, aim for contrast with harmony. If you're wearing light-colored shirts, pair them with dark colored ties and vice versa to create contrast. But in doing so, always follow your color theme. If you're wearing a light blue shirt, wear a dark or navy blue tie, or a patterned tie with shades of blue. If you're wearing a brown suit, you can match it with a brown tie, or a patterned brown tie.  

If you're wearing patterned shirt, plain ties are a great match. If you're wearing plain shirt, you can wear patterned-design tie instead. And don't forget the colors.  

Occasion - Generally there are 3 kinds of ties: classic, patterned, and novelty ties. Each of these suits an appropriate occasion. Classic ties are the simple colored ones. No patterns whatsoever. Patterned ties come in many forms, either checkered or diagonally patterned. Novelty ties usually carry a theme, meant to be humorous at times. Novelty ties are great gift ideas.

Stick to classic ties for formal events. Same can be applied with corporate wear. Patterned style ties also work well with business attire, boosting your professional look. Novelty ties may be worn for informal events casual wear.

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