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Award Season Ready for Men with J Lawrence!

This past month I was interviewed by Fashion Designer Terri Stevens form Lifetime Televisions Project Runway. She is doing a blog series on being "awards Season. She I hope these fashion tips are helping to ease the stress of completing your red carpet look! If you have any specific concerns or personal dilemmas, post them! Let me know what you think or what you need to know!

I thought it would be a fabulous idea to step back and find some expert advice catered to our men! And who better to ask than celebrity fashion consultant, Jermaine L Anderson? Jermaine Anderson is a Chicago-based Fashion Consultant who is very established and well-known in the Chi. His services are in demand from business professionals to ministers and anyone in between wishing to take their image to the next level. 

Jermaine works by the philosophy of "Less is More" He tells all of his clients, "find that one signature item and let that [be what makes the outfit pop]!" So men don't go overboard and make a statement with everything you put on. Let your outfit be simple so that your signature piece can show off your swagger.

If we are talking informal, Jermaine suggests "...a nice button up or zippered sweater, a simple button up shirt, some basic fitted jeans (washed or dark rinse) or a straight leg pant and some classic long toe shoes." 

If we are talking formal or the after 5 scene, "keep it simple with some Sean Jean swag. [You can't go wrong with] a simple black tux, cuff links, a bow tie and some simple jewelry (platinum or stainless steel band or bracelet)." 

Jermaine also had some general tips to stand by this season: 

Black is not always the best way to go. It is a little too safe for this season. Venture out and find some rich earth tones. Maybe a nice rust, charcoal or chocolate. 

"Less is more," he says. "Find your number one signature item. For me, it's funny, one day a friend of mine mentioned me in conversation with someone else. When the other person remembered me they said, 'oh yeah, the guy who wears the bow ties'. People know my [signature piece]." Your signature item could be a tie, bow tie, hat, glasses, belt, shoes, etc... If you have a hard time stepping out of the box and figuring this out, Jermaine's the one to call!

Also when accessorizing, your tie should match your socks. "If you have on a nice, rich, rust color tie, make sure your socks are the same. Also, I always tell my clients 'make sure your shoes are shined'. That is important." 

"People don't think that fresh breath is a part of fashion, but it is! It really is." Jermaine is right! Don't think people won't notice if you breath is kickin'! He suggests you carry Listerine strips or mouthwash as well as a small bottle of cologne to help keep it tight and keep it right all night long. 

I recommend Black and White Skin Soap." Come on Fellas, this is not so much to ask. You don't have to go through the task of makeup and getting all dolled up. Just have a clean and soft, touchable face! Jermaine also suggest you use an astringent on your face. This will help cleanse the oil out of your pores and shrink them to give you a fresh smooth look. You can find the one that works best for you in your local drugstore. 

Jermaine mentioned, "a lot of guys are into the man bag trend. We Do Not Like That!".
Well sorry guys, Jermaine says no! Personally this doesn't bother me, but just make sure it is actually a bag! These man purses (and they do exist) are out of line! 

Use this quick list to remember what's hot this season:  
  • Bow Ties
  • Colorful Shoes (red, orange, rust, painted look)
  • Peacoats (Wool, belts)
  • Low hair cuts or shave it bald
  • Hats with brims for the older crowd (30+) and caps for the younger crowd
  • Ascots (quick and easy way to go from casual to high fashion swag)

If you need help tailoring your specific look this season you know where to go!

Jermaine Lawrence Anderson
(773) 531-7719